Fee and payment

Fee and Payment Structure

Please see our fee and payment structure while we remain committed to provide value for service.

  £70  for One [40 min] session  plus additional 15min Skype call preparation. 

  £90  for One [1 hour]  session   plus additional 15min Skype call preparation and  free follow-up Email Support [covers 1 month period]

£300 for Five  [40 min] session   plus additional 30min Skype call preparation and  Unlimited Email Support [covers 2 month period].

ALL Prices inclusive of VAT

**Free introductory taster session over Skype  for 15 min session only 

Please contact Ade for your specific requirements to enable an arrangement that suits your purpose. We can provide flexible arrangements to meet client requirements.

**Funded strategic advice available through Growth Vouchers Scheme only until 31 March 2015.