How to find your Tribe

How to find your TribeHow to find your Tribe (or musings of a divergent)

I should simply say …Go where you are wanted!
Maslow’s law has fulfillment as the apex once we have food, shelter, material belongings satisfied. Fulfillment then would be about satisfying your ego and then you need to find followers which then equates to finding your tribe. So definitely who wouldn’t want to be Leader of the Tribe (pack)?

A definition of Leadership would be like trying to pin the tail to a (moving) donkey, whereas the kid’s game actually has a donkey stuck to the poster which is quite easy to do. Reality shows that Leadership is defined in context and would depend on your values but actually since we judge (initially) on a superficial level, this is about your style and people’s perception.

So how have I found my Tribe? It’s been a(n ongoing) struggle but I have found it has centered about my Style. I am most often driven, logical, irritable, stubborn, task focused and determined and often described as a drill sergeant! So how can I then be a good Coach? and how does this equate to being a good Leader? And does good equal Great?

Experience and Feedback has shown me that I am a good Coach when my client has Goals and a Timeline and gets my equations!! So if you are enamored by objectives, measurements, black box thinking please get in touch and join my Tribe.


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