VRFocus Diversity Initiative July 2018

VRFocus Diversity Initiative  July 2018 Event

VRFocus Diversity Initiative (VRDI) has the aim to make emerging XR technologies such as AR and VR more inclusive. This is done by offering participants from under-represented groups the opportunity to get hands on with high-end VR headsets, 360 cameras and VR ready laptops to create either a 360 film or VR experience.

The 2018 Events are held every 2 months and I was accepted to attend Event held Tuesday, 31st July 2018. This was hosted by Plexal: Technology Innovation Centre London. It was organised and facilitated by Nina Salomons, VRDI Lead & Media Content Producer.

The workshop unleashed my creativity, because Course content and instruction was very well tailored. Most importantly Nina Salomons, the VRDI Lead & Facilitator, ensured good attendee interaction and focus on outcomes. The VR (immersion) demos on the day influenced me as well as my discussion with instructors and attendees to understand the opportunities in emerging XR technologies.  Having taken part in the this Initiative, I am now prepared to take on role of project manager/producer in the Media & Entertainment sector.
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Apply for 2017 CEME Launchpad Startup Competition

Startup competition open until end 2017

Georgi Georgiev is looking for Startups based in Dagenham/Havering Council, and CEME Launchpad has a Startup competition which provides 6 months free co-working space and dedicated business support. The target group is Startups (under 4 years, Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology, Construction sectors). You are not required to be a revenue producing venture to apply. Continue reading “Apply for 2017 CEME Launchpad Startup Competition”

Boost your business growth with a Franchise Business

Boost your business growth with a Franchise Business

Choosing a franchise business model to invest in for your future is one of the biggest decisions you will make. This requires you have a skilled and reputable Franchise Broker  who will have a number of franchises in their portfolio that range in price, industry, and business structure.

Franchisors pay MatchPoint for finding them suitable franchisees. It actually saves them money in the long run, because they only have to deal with a small number of highly suited applicants rather than large numbers of unsuitable applicants.

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How to use Finance for your Business Growth

How to use Finance for your Business GrowthHow to Finance and Grow Your Small Business 

Tickets are running low for our 19 May (Morning) Business Event       “How to Finance and Grow Your Small Business”.

This Business event is run by London Business Academy in association with NatWest Bank.    Register https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-finance-and-grow-your-small-business
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Alexandre Mars Epic event with TLA

Alexandre Mars Epic event with TLA

Russ Shaw (TLA) with Alexandre Mars (Epic)

This was a call for drastic and systemic action. Epic is leading a call for large corporates to “pledge 1% of their profit”.  Alexandre also advocated for a 2% pledge from founders of tech companies! He is leading Epic on a worldwide movement and reaching out to the “15 cities of money hubs”. Continue reading “Alexandre Mars Epic event with TLA”

What riles me about networking

networking industry

What riles me about networking is that it is an Industry. For the few, they would have done their networking on the playing fields of Eton and country clubs. Others have opera, cricket fields, golf rounds…etc. Now for my networking fix I simply hang around with my mates around “the docklands” in East London!! Continue reading “What riles me about networking”