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Setting up and management of an eCommerce platform can be a full time occupation which hinders you from running your core business. Also the attempt to actually outsource and manage this platform can equally be costly. Your business would incur man-hours which cannot be billed to the customer and could also impact the quality time spent operating your core business. 

It would be essential to understand the basis on which you work out a budget. We can provide a the best solution, which would be to take a project based approach which should start with a business case. We will help you surmount the hurdles and obstacles to business growth.

Business Growth

The focus of eCommerce platforms  is often on the website and digital marketing. However consideration needs to be given also to the business model to find the right balance to ensure business growth.

The value proposition you offer customers resides in the core of your business model. A crucial element is the question of how you get paid. Essential also is how you then maintain the cash-flow in the business.  Best way forward would then be to have a strategy alongside the business model. See our blog here


As a small business owner, an eCommerce platform can be a cost-effective and efficient channel to deliver your products. Let us help you meet your business objectives!!