How we can help

How we can help

Get help with your business growth. We provide a gateway through coaching, mentoring and an advisory role. Take advantage of business advisers from the LBAcademy – LBA, who will work with your business to realise your full potential.

Value proposition Canvas
‘How to create new Customer segments’​ ​ Workshop – 21 July 2015

You’ll need to take action and establish how to measure and grow your business. I am able to help with your business ‘Value Proposition’ and work on this to create and enhance customer segments that will drive turnover and revenue. I can provide you with a framework that suits your business segment, and systems that could implement your growth strategy and measure profit margin.

Business Growth Academy:

We also offer a 12 month rolling programme, at a convenient venue, to cover the growth-cycle  of the business. This provides a gateway to business growth through mentoring and/or an advisory role.  LBA advisers will work with your business to realise your full potential.

Depending on your work style and needs you can choose one or more of the following Business Tracks

1] Business Founder
Work with you as a Mentor, if you are at the startup/developmental stage.

2] Business Fast Track
Work with you as a Digital Coach and help with technical solutions and vendor selection.

3] Business Growth
Develop a business framework on which you can use to deliver and grow your services effectively.

See what our Clients have said here and find information on payment here.

Tech Sector Experience:

My background in the tech sector as a digital project manager and membership of London Tech Advocates enables me to provide support in this sector.
Niche focus is on FinTech, DataTech , EdTech, PropTech sectors
Also able to provide help with research and understanding on emerging technologies: AI, VR/AR

My Promise to You

If you are a business owner, I can help refresh the business model and increase profit margin, with minimal capital outlay on your part. 

I can work with your accountant to complement your business growth.  My promise is to work with you within your business model to identify these assets and maximise profit, if you would like any advice or help with the growth and expansion of your business.

Kind regards,

Ade Awokoya

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