Map your Business Growth Strategy

Map your Business Growth Strategy

Microsoft Map your Business Strategy

It is always necessary to re-evaluate and refocus your business growth plans. Refresh your business model and increase your profit margin – and you’ll want to do this with as little cost as possible.

We sometimes forget that our businesses are affected by external factors – things that are out of our control. It’s a good idea to prepare, with these factors in mind, as you start to grow your business – and a good approach is the PESTLE approach. Continue reading


Digital Application

An exciting Opportunity

Digital technology opens up new opportunities for business owners by providing access to new markets, networks, business training and financial services. By advancing opportunities for entrepreneurs via digital platforms, we bring the benefits of digital technology to entrepreneurs in order to accelerate the growth of their businesses. We are very excited about our ongoing projects below, because this is a launch in a new direction – building business models in the digital economy.

Digital Application Programme (DAP)

The programme works with application developers to implement projects that use digital technology to support Business and Entrepreneurs.  Current projects in our pipeline can be classified into two (2) categories:

Using mobile phones to access financial services for people in developing countries.
Developing mobile applications for Corporate & Lifestyle Coaches.

Using mobile phones to access financial services.:  This project was formed in response to reports that revealed millions of people in developing countries are missing out on the mobile technology revolution and the socio-economic benefits.

Developing mobile applications for Corporate & Lifestyle Coaches: This project started based on Ade's experience and training as a Lifestyle Coach. Increasingly the Coaching process is done in a virtual manneR, i.e. telephone, Skype, email and the next factor will be by mobile phone apps.
There are quite a few good 'productivity' apps on the iPhone and Android but our model, in development,will be tailored and interactive between Coach and Client. We are currently conducting feedback and market research in order to start a trial run soon.

Digital Based

adescoy works with Directors/Business owners to grow the business and improve profit margin.

itongueatwork9The purpose is to identify the bottlenecks in the business and then refresh your business model, based on a digital platform, by putting in place a business strategy. 

We put significant effort into empathising with our clients cultural and business needs, while developing a collaborative working style. To deliver lasting benefits we work alongside client teams, transferring skills and embedding change.

We can provide specialist digital support below:
Pre-Sales ICT  Services
Ade provides support on ICT audits and vendor selection solutions to business on work organisation and productivity for better operations with remote/mobile staff. [Microsoft Sales Accreditation]
►Sales Specialist for Office365
►Pre-Sales Technical Specialist (Devices and Deployment)


Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner Program

Adescoy is a Registered Member of the Microsoft Partner Network, which provides an advantage of a rich portfolio of services that can help us deploy solutions that add value to end customers. We have developed competencies which give us the expertise to serve our customers better.

We provide technical support to small and medium enterprises which want to upgrade their ICT platform. i.e. migration to a networked computer system and/or to ‘Cloud’ platform. This can be bundled with sales of Microsoft software products and solutions and help with Server deployment and upgrades. 

We also provide a service to assist companies migrate from an IT Server model to using the ‘Cloud’ model, i.e. applications are web enabled and supplied as SaaS (Software as a Service) with storage off premises (Microsoft Online Services). We are positioned to help with vendor selection and business solutions. 

Pre-Sales ICT Specialist

We provide support on ICT audits and vendor selection solutions to business on work organisation and productivity for better operations with remote/mobile staff.

ms sales specialistMicrosoft Sales Accreditation

►Sales Specialist for Office365
►Pre-Sales Technical Specialist (Devices and Deployment)


Office365 Case Study

office 365v2

Adescoy issued its consultants with new tablets using Windows 8.1 and moved from on-premises Office productivity tools – to Office 365 applications and services in the Microsoft cloud.


Intuitive document management, and integrated technologies such as Skype and Outlook, mean less time is needed to bring new consultants up to speed. This empowers Adescoy’s ambition to have more consultants and a bigger client base.  Moving Microsoft Office to the Microsoft Cloud has reduced overheads and given greater flexibility to remote workers.

The cost reduction comes from two sources: 
1 There’s no need for server licences or various software upgrades. And, with Microsoft’s technical support, there’s no need employ an IT administrator.
2] Integrated features such as OneDrive document storage and sharing have reduced the amount of time needed to carry out administrative tasks.