About You


Is this You?

o You need help to measure and improve your business?

o You are not sure how to compete and win market share?

o You don’t know the price margin for your business sector?

o Your company’s turnover has increased but profits have remained flat?

o You have been operating your Business the past 18 months and cannot pay your salary?

Client Issues

We work with business owners, in the Creative, eCommerce and Digital Technology sector, who have a problem with lean profit margins. We can “Refresh your Business Model to Grow Sales” and train you how to revitalise your business sales growth by using the “Value Proposition Canvas”.

How we can Help

“We help grow your business and profit” by providing support to establish operations & systems that will enable your business measure and understand the constraints to business growth.

Ade has assisted UK SMEs, for several years now, with their operational and marketing issues and he is passionate about helping businesses & professionals. This is based on his 25 years business experience across various industries in a multinational basis

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Business Solution

o Provide Business Growth Planning

o Support eCommerce Sales Growth   

o Help develop your Digital Marketing     


We help drive your business growth on a digital platform, to realise your full potential.

To take advantage please “Contact Us” or email ade@adescoy.com